Panel I: Claims and Agency – Videos now online

Thursday, 12 December 2013, 10.30-15.30 @ Warehouse

Watch videos of some of the presentations below!

This panel focuses on the legal, moral, economic, and political claims that conflicting urban actors in the three cities of Beirut, Cairo and Tehran advance to control ownership, access, and uses of urban spaces. Agency plays a central role, in particular in terms of the opportunities, resources and strategies used by different actors to realize or renegotiate these claims. The panel addresses questions related to factors fuelling antagonism between different claims over the use of urban space, such as needs and means, economic interests, cultural diversity. What are the power dynamics over contested spaces? What are the legal frameworks, political constraints, options and loyalties of different actors in governing contested spaces? What modes of symbolic appropriation of urban space do we observe?

Roman Stadnicki: The Emergence of Urban Activism in Cairo since the 2011 Revolution

Omar Nagati: A Coup or a New Revolution? Competing narratives inscribed on Cairo’s urban landscape

(No video available)

Hiba Bou Akar: Beirut’s Geographies of the ‘War Yet to Come’

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Maryam Amiri/Esmaeil Izadi: Tehran Urban Space Under the Rationale of Sales Price (presented by Maryam Amiri)

Nada Moumtaz: Practices of Commoning: Public utility and religious interest in the waqfs of contemporary Beirut

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Discussants: Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj and Mona Fawaz

Beirut, New Airport Road, 2010 © Konstantin Kastrissianakis
Beirut, New Airport Road, 2010
© Konstantin Kastrissianakis