Dictaphone Group: Bus Cemetery

Bus Cemetery © Dictaphone Group
Bus Cemetery
© Dictaphone Group

Thursday, 12 December 2013, Performance 10.30-17.30 @ Warehouse

The lack of public transport in Lebanon and its ‘death’ in our city is seen as an extension to the lack of public spaces such as beaches, parks and pavements. This is why our project Bus Cemetery came about.

Bus Cemetery is a sound-based intervention that was performed inside one of the derelict buses in the former train station in Mar Mkhael (Beirut), popularly known as the ‘bus cemetery’. The site is where the dysfunctional buses are dumped, and the workplace for the employees of the Lebanese public transportation authority.

This project will take the audience on an imagined tour inside an abandoned bus. The audience will be ushered into the bus by a female driver, to embark on a short trip in the city.

The Map is the transportation network in Beirut from the year 1923 merged with our imagined bus route that tours in the city passing through existing locations like gardens and cemeteries.

Performer: Petra Serhal

Writer: Tania El Khoury

Sound Design: RamziMadi

This project was originally funded by AFAC 2011